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Stationery supplies play an important role with respect to office and schools as well. Al Barsha mall houses some of the most reputed stationery stores in Dubai that offer quality supplies at competitive prices. Consumers can easily locate these stores that deal in quality craft materials and art supplies at affordable prices and maintain strict quality to meet the needs of school students and offices alike.
Another important services that is available within the premise of Al Barsha Mall is translation service Dubai that is a prime necessity in many fields here. Translation services are essential for people who wish to get particular documents in Arabic language, which is necessary even in some legal formalities. All these availabilities make Al Barsha Mall one of the most preferred shopping destinations in Dubai.

Easy Access Documents services

Phone: 0508600401

Al YAQEEN stationery

Phone: 04 3450057

Daiso (Japan Store)

Phone: 043549923


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