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Treat your car with a makeover

Al Barsha Mall serves the pride of car lovers as you have all the necessary car accessories in the Mall with friendly and professional team to assist you. The convenient location of Al Barsha Mall allows shoppers to avail the services whenever they want without worrying about the quality of services. Other than accessories, there are authorized vehicle testing centers that help you renew your car registration after testing and even avail additional services such as number plates and car insurances.
The car service in Barsha include the widely used car tint services with quality tint of international standards available at reasonable prices and professionals fixing the tint properly keeping in mind the legal limits. The shops offering car accessories in Dubai also offer additional services such as wheel alignment and balancing, which allows you to enjoy a smooth driving experience.
If you are looking to replace your old tires with new and improved branded ones can easily locate any of the car service shops in Al Barsha Mall and avail professional services to their comfort and satisfaction.

Ruthuba ( Car Tenting )

Phone: 0567116757


Phone: 043255510

Gulf Coast ( Tires Trading )

Phone: 043356599


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